Although I have earned countless certificates and awards, the most rewarding aspects of my work are the inspiring letters and poems that have been written to me through the years. I cherish these, as these are the greatest validation of my work. Please take the time to read some of the letters and reviews below: 

"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all that you do for not just me, but all your patients. I really have come to appreciate your guidance, nurturing, and affability put forth in our sessions. Being comfortable in your care has helped me in striving to get stronger and be better in my mental health and overall well-being.

I know that you and I have more work to do, but I do feel we have definitely, undeniably scratched more than the surface leading to healing. I am enthused to see and find that man that I can be. Even though I cannot see it yet, I know you are laying a pathway to succeed in that scope. The devotion that you have shown a single man with what may have seemed like simple anxiety (really no such measure) proved to me your kindness and care for people. This example you have shown me has guided me to want to help and listen to others that are in need of kind words or in need of an ear. Your value is passing on to me.

I just wanted to personally thank you, as sometimes words cannot show or explain the spirits or view points I have come to hold dear. Thank you!"

"My husband and I have been working with Kathryn to resolve some terrible issues in our marriage relating to addiction to porn.  We are both on the path to healing.  Kathryn is creating a trust between us and a belief that we can come to a new place of healing in our marriage.  I think the Gottman method is proving to be effective and that Kathryn is an excellent facilitator and therapist.  I feel at peace more than I have since finding out about my husband's betrayal and even before I knew.   I have hope and peace that our marriage can and will be saved."

"I have been working with Kathryn Miller LCSW for the past 17 months to address both my marital and family relationships. As a PhD clinical psychologist myself, I found her astuteness at determining patterns and gently challenging me to grow was profound and helped me to gain a better understanding of myself. She displays a combination of approachability and compassion and is a ferocious proponent for her clients. It is evident that her clients are top priority and she is consistently willing to accommodate those needs appropriately. She truly believes in helping restore the marital system and was monumental in providing me guidance to help achieve a deeper understanding, empathy, and intimacy with my husband." 

"Almost There"
"When first recommended to Kathryn like many I had my doubts.  I'd been in therapy before and yet here I was......my marriage was in the toilet and I was on the verge of suicide. Breathing was difficult because I was a waste of air. I was as low as one could get.  I self injured daily and drank to excess to mask the pain of just existing.

During my first visit with Kathryn I wasn't alone. We were having "couples therapy" in an attempt to "fix" things.  It became apparent rather quickly that to be successful in saving the marriage I needed individual therapy to overcome a lifetime of horrific events.  It was stressed that I wasn't the problem I just needed some extra care.

Kathryn did not shy from the effort despite all my efforts to sabotage her gentle forceful prodding. I lied to her more than a few times about my drinking and I continued to injure. Yet she remained steadfast.  

Her insight was immeasurable. She let me lead knowing full well I'd respond to nothing less. We worked. She worked. Little by little I continued to breathe.  She struggled because of my sabotage, I struggled just to be. Slowly and assuredly things began to change.  I started listening to Kathryn tell me it would be okay to express my feelings in a positive manner and I'd not be hurt by it. When I couldn't breathe she helped me find the air to fill my lungs.  

Kathryn taught me to be still with my feelings, to accept my short comings as being part of the human condition. She taught me to breathe. I still struggle but I can breathe and use the tools Kathryn taught me. I move forward daily, breathing daily, living daily.  

Kathryn didn't give me life but she taught me to live. I'm almost there..."

"What can I say? I cannot express to you how much our visit last weekend meant to me. You were so generous with your time and I have never experienced such a catharsis!  Finding you on my computer was a miracle and the help and knowledge you provided was life altering.  Your candor and honesty was like someone shaking me out of a nightmare and, I am sure, essential for the process of making myself whole again. You accomplished more in 3 hours than all the marriage counseling and post marriage counseling hours put together and I am sincerely thankful.  I drove home feeling a bit shaky, but enlightened and empowered. Thank you so much!"


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