Kathryn Miller brings over three decades of clinical expertise and holds the esteemed title of Board Certified Diplomate, showcasing her unwavering dedication to the highest standards of clinical practice since graduating with honors from Tulane University. Presently, Kathryn operates a thriving private practice in San Antonio, skillfully guiding her patients towards achieving their goals. By meticulously assessing each person's distinct objectives, Kathryn ensures precision in the intervention process, resulting in heightened treatment effectiveness and the cultivation of a profound sense of accomplishment, well-being, and autonomy. 

With a diverse range of experiences, Kathryn has worked across various settings and with a broad spectrum of clients. Following an internship at LSU's Medical School Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic (a familiar institution as her grandfather, father, and brother all attended medical school there), Kathryn's therapeutic foundation was shaped by a strong grounding in Evidence-Based Practice. She prioritizes proven techniques backed by longitudinal studies, embodying a no-nonsense approach to therapy.

Kathryn's journey led her to Chicago, where she devoted seven years exclusively to working with adolescent girls. Starting as a school therapist, she ascended to the role of school clinical supervisor. Transitioning to a prestigious agency further honed her clinical acumen before relocating to Florida where she assumed the role of Florida State Coordinator for Postpartum Support International. Her time in Florida solidified her focus on postpartum issues within her treatment practice, a passion she carries to this day.

Upon settling in San Antonio, Kathryn collaborated closely with two esteemed psychiatrists for seven years, treating a diverse array of patients across the age spectrum. This period provided invaluable experience in various medications and treatments for a range of disorders, from mood disorders like depression to addiction and personality disorders.

While initially trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, Kathryn has adeptly adapted to the demands of managed care, seamlessly integrating multiple therapeutic modalities into her practice. Her repertoire includes Solution-Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT), the Gottman Method, and more.

Kathryn's Certifications:

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional-Level II
  • Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional
  • Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional
  • Certified in Anger Management
  • Certified Gottman Therapist
  • Certified in Telehealth
  • EFCT Therapist

Kathryn also serves as a speaker for Gottman's Seven Principles Workshop and Bringing Baby Home. Actively engaged in professional communities, she is a member of NASW, ACSW, IATP, ICEEFT, CTCEFT, and the Psychoanalytic Society.

Despite her extensive credentials, Kathryn views her patients' loyalty as her greatest achievement, evidenced by their continued support through her moves across locations. This loyalty speaks volumes about Kathryn's unwavering commitment to improving lives through effective and tailored treatments.

Kathryn's therapeutic approach reflects a rich tapestry of theoretical perspectives and techniques acquired over her extensive career. Her insatiable curiosity and dedication to staying abreast of cutting-edge approaches fuel her continuous learning. Grounded in her core values of empathy, patience, and support, Kathryn provides a safe space for clients to explore, offering active listening and practical feedback to facilitate effective growth.

With a diverse array of tools at her disposal, Kathryn expertly selects and integrates methodologies and techniques, crafting a highly personalized approach for each client. Free from judgment, she collaborates with individuals and couples to build upon their inherent strengths. Beyond achieving their initial goals, Kathryn strives for a broader impact, fostering increased emotional intelligence, problem-solving skills, self-awareness, empowerment, emotional regulation, and the freedom for each person to embrace their own unique selves.


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